Story Synopsis

This Romantic Comedy/Sci-Fi/Political Farce is set in Washington D.C. in the not too distant future.   Zeno (Earth name “Zac”) and his Alien Supervisor (who take on human form) are Anthropologists sent to Earth as objective observers during the final period before the end of human civilization.  On Zeno’s arrival to Planet Earth he is assigned to observe Jack Wilson – newly elected to the Senate, since, as Alien Supervisor explains “…  [Wilson] appears to be a genuinely honest human being – something we have never seen before in their political class.”

Jack Wilson, a veteran of the Afghanistan war, is s stubbornly honest and courageous individual fully willing to sacrifice person gain for moral principle.  The main love interest, Laura Snead, the daughter of Senate Majority Leader Lawrence Snead, is, like Jack (and unlike her father) an honest and principled person.  However, Laura, having grown up in D.C., and fully aware of the corruption endemic in it,  keeps her distance from Jack knowing that Jack resisting “becoming like them” is futile.

As the story opens, Jack, newly elected after defeating an establishment incumbent in the primary, comes to town full of idealism and hope.  Unbeknownst to Jack, his mentor Jeb Meese the Senior Senator from Jack’s home state, is not the father figure Jack thought him to be.  Rather Meese is an entrenched part of corrupt Washington politics having worked the system of legalized extortion for personal gain for many years.   Meese is adept at playing a form of Kabuki Theater with his political opposite, Senate Majority Leader Laurence Snead.  Though both trade barbs taking opposite views on critical legislation in public, in private, both benefit richly by virtue of their timely use of inside information gained in the course of their supposed “selfless” work for the people.

Zeno, on his arrival to planet earth, is given the assignment to infiltrate Wilson’s office and observe this “rare anomaly … an honest member of their political class.”  Not long after his arrival, Zeno finds himself being pursued by Mindy (Wilson’s office manager) after Zeno uses the mind-fusion on her to gain access to Wilson’s office.  Mindy’s pursuit of Zeno is a farcical counterpose to the serious love story between Jack Wilson and Laura.  Regarding Mindy, Alien Supervisor warns Zeno to “… avoid any hydrological transfers with one of these vile creatures … even a wet sneeze can be fatal to reason and logic!”

Jack inadvertently comes across damning evidence of corruption at the highest centers of the Washington power elite and is set up for a devastating political and personal fall.   Mindy’s friend Clarice, a chemist with the Tri-County Lab, provides a cutting edge aphrodisiac in aid of Mindy’s conquest of Zeno.   Following an “accidental transference of humanoid bodily fluids across the transdural membrane”, Zeno begins to use his special powers to help Jack, much to the chagrin of Alien Supervisor who is determined to have Zeno decommissioned and sent back for violation of the “primary command” that nothing be done which might “… alter the natural evolutionary course of human history” and thus the trouble for the Washington Power Elite and for Zeno’s Supervisor begins.  When it looks like all is lost, Alien Anthropologists satisfies with a surprise twist ending.