God help us if Trump is not re-elected in November

Three years ago I produced Alien Anthropologists, a film about space aliens from another world observing the destruction of our country in the year 2022 into the dystopian nightmare of the United Socialist States of America.

Back in my film school days I longed for the time when life experience would provide inspiration for something to say. Little did I imagine that in that someday of today the inspiration would be coming fast and thick as killer hornets providing material for continuing episodes of Alien Anthropologists as the Old Republic implodes like the denouement of some creepy Orwellian B movie.

My take on the continuing insanity and the dire prospects for our country, Film Maker rues the prophetic nature of his 2017 movie foretelling the dystopian fall of America: “God help us if Trump is not re-elected in November” was published today and can be read by clicking the article below:


Musical End Credits to Alien Anthropologists

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Yours truly, Robert Kirk

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