The War Upon Christians & Conservatives In America

The War Upon Christians & Conservatives In America

By Robert Kirk for All News Pipeline

I had the pleasure of working with Lloyd Marcus in producing a music video for his current song, Trump Train 2020. In January Lloyd and his wife Mary and several of his friends flew out from Baltimore for a studio shoot out my way on the left coast. It was indeed a pleasure to make the acquaintance of Lloyd, Mary and their friends. I had gotten to know Lloyd, a black conservative Christian commentator and song writer a few years ago when I began reading his articles on political and cultural issues in American Thinker. Over several years Lloyd has published over 500 articles on that prestigious on-line journal. He is an excellent communicator not only as a singer but also as a writer. Recently Lloyd sent me a book he just completed titled “Storefront Memories – Fond Memories Growing up in My Preacher Dad’s Baltimore Storefront Church.” In it Lloyd narrates, illustrated by his artwork, vignettes from his father’s life, Dr. Rev, Lloyd E. Marcus. Contained therein are stories about the racism his father encountered and, unfortunately, were pervasive in our country during the time that Lloyd’s father, and even Lloyd himself grew up. But what shines forth in the narrative are the acts of love and kindness both within Lloyd’s family and immediate community but also from some strangers who happened to be white. The message suffused throughout about Lloyd’s father is of a hardworking and decent man who keeps his focus on God and helping others and in the process, despite adversity and hardship, raised five children, including Lloyd who became good and decent people. That is what I admire most about Lloyd. Not just his sonorous singing voice or his ability as a writer, but his decent and good moral character. In a former life I worked as a prosecutor. I have seen the worse that human nature has to offer. From what I’ve witnessed, for a vast majority of humanity the essential motivating character traits are greed and fear. That fear, especially in the modern age where so many have abandoned religious faith, is not fear of God, but fear of people and their institutions. Lloyd is exceptional. His overriding character traits are honesty and courage. I’m sure he got that from his father. How ironic. Lloyd grew up in the last Century experiencing and witnessing the injustice of racism. Now, in the 21st Century, he bears a different cross – the injustice of unfair discrimination because of his conservative and Christian views. But, with courage, he stands on what he knows to be true despite personal consequences. He is unafraid and for that I respect him greatly. Alas, if only we had more people like Lloyd and his father before him in position of authority in government. (ANP WEEKEND FUNDRAISER! Following Susan Duclos' heart attacks and hospitalization, All News Pipeline will need some financial help in the days, weeks and months ahead. So if you like stories like this, please consider donating to ANP to help keep us in this 'Info-war' for America at a time of systematic censorship and widespread corruption.) In “StoreFront Memories” Lloyd tells the story of how, in 2006, the City of Deltona, Florida selected three of his paintings for Exhibition at City Hall for Black History Month. Just before the exhibition opened, all three paintings were removed from the exhibit by order of the Mayor of Deltona due to their “religious themes” which it was claimed, “violated the separation of church and state.” As Lloyd described it, one such painting was titled “…3 A.M." to illustrate the point that no matter what the hour, locals knew their neighborhood storefront church was a safe haven. … "The cause of the controversy [that it presented a ‘religious theme’] was a Bible [seen in the painting above] on the nightstand.” A man of courage and determination, Lloyd eventually retained the services of Liberty Counsel who filed a federal lawsuit on Lloyd’s behalf. Thereafter the City of Deltona reversed their decision and allowed Lloyd’s paintings to be shown at the Black History Month Exhibit. Recently Lloyd experienced another example of 21st Century bias and prejudice – this time for his political views. I read about it in his American Thinker article published March 4, 2020. In it Lloyd describes how he hired a company to do a national press release regarding his new song Trump Train 2020. Lloyd paid their fee and submitted his written press release and other information about his song but on the eve of the anticipated press release, the company representative emailed Lloyd stating in part: “You and Mary are such awesome individuals and in a few weeks, I have such a strong professional and spiritual connect with you that I don’t know how to say this, but unfortunately, in spite of our repeated attempts, the news network did not accept your press release due to certain unavoidable technical reasons. We are refunding your payment via PayPal asap. Hope you will understand and not take it the wrong way.” [Emphasis mine] After reading this I called Lloyd and spoke to him on the phone. I asked him, “Did you ask the person what those certain unavoidable technical reasons” were? Lloyd said that he did and that person emailed back inviting Lloyd to call and discuss it with him. Lloyd had not done that yet. I encouraged him to do so. After speaking to the representative at the company “Max News Wire”, Lloyd wrote back to me as follows: “I just got off the phone with [the person at] the press release company. He was candid and said he suspect[s] the problem with my press release is that it is supportive of Trump. He also said he believes I will have the same problems with other press release distribution services.” Yes, our seminal institutions regarding the dissemination of information which include not only media (both social and mainstream) and academia and entertainment are owned and controlled by the left. Larry Elder, another courageous black man whom I very much respect, wrote about the entertainment side in a recent article published on Townhall, “Hollywood in the Trump Era: Conservatives Not Welcome.” So Lloyd, a black conservative, writes a song titled Trump Train 2020. He courageously stands on what he knows is true and what he believes is best for our Country but his voice will be stifled and his message will not be heard because it is supportive of Trump. This coming election is in fact a turning point for America. I encourage you to support Lloyd’s courage and bravery. Check out his website for more on his book “Storefront Memories” and, watch and share his music video, Trump Train 2020.

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