Trump Train 2020

The music video which we produced from Lloyd Marcus' song in support of the re-election of the President, Trump Train 2020, was officially released yesterday, March 3, 2020.

Several weeks ago, as we were finishing his music video, Lloyd told me that he had retained a company to do a press release to media outlets across the country announcing the release of Trump Train 2020.

I was shocked when, a few days before the March 3rd release date, Lloyd told me that the media company he hired told him they were refunding his payment and would not be disseminating Lloyd’s press release about his Trump Train 2020 song.

Lloyd wrote an excellent article on the issue of media hostility to the conservative voice which was published this morning in American Thinker. I encourage you to read Lloyd’s American Thinker article at this link here:

Lloyd's American Thinker Article

And please do take three minutes to watch the music video below for Lloyd’s song, Trump Train 2020 or follow this link.

My heartfelt thanks to all those who participated in producing Lloyd’s video. It was indeed an honor and a privilege to work with you all on this project and to meet Lloyd, his wife Mary and their friends who flew out from Baltimore to participate as part of the Deplorable Chorus.

Yours very truly,

Robert Kirk

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