Nightmare in Paradise

My newest short film, Nightmare in Paradise, has been getting lots of attention since I wrote to you a couple of days ago. In fact, as I write this we have over 30,000 views on YouTube and climbing! I was asked this morning by a conservative Christian film maker “How do you think you are getting so many views?” I submit the reason is because of the support of Lloyd Marcus through the publication of his articles and personal promotion since Friday and because, as Lloyd described it in his blog post this morning “…[Nightmare in Paradise] checks all the boxes. It is entertaining, succinct, and packed with information while spreading truth….” Be sure to watch the film if you haven't already and also read Lloyd's latest article in American Thinker today.

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Latest Article by Lloyd Marcus


Check out Lloyd Marcus’ post this morning on American Thinker about our latest short film thrust into the culture war, Nightmare in Paradise.

Lloyd, “The Unhyphenated American” is a black conservative Christian Commentator and Song Writer. A founding member of the tea party movement, Lloyd has been bravely standing on the truth, tirelessly working for over a decade to preserve and restore the values and principles that made our Country great. Talking about great, I am greatly honored to be working with Lloyd on his current and soon to be released music video, Trump Train 2020.

Thank you Lloyd for your courage, your honesty and your perseverance in fighting the good fight over many years!

Please do visit Lloyd’s Trump Train 2020 website to learn more

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