Alien Anthropologists Awarded Best Comedy

We just returned from Jerome, Arizona where we attended the 6th Annual Jerome Indie Film Festival. Established in 1872, Jerome is located at an elevation of 5,000 feet in the Black Hills overlooking the Verde Valley. I had never been to Jerome before but Movie Maker Magazine's description of the event as one of planet earth’s top 25 “Coolest Film Festivals” was no exaggeration!

Jerome, a former mining town, is nestled high above the valley. Now a bustling artist community and tourist attraction, the time we spent in Jerome watching fine films, sipping fine wine and taking in the scenery on the Wild West Train ride made for a most enjoyable and relaxing weekend.

Festival organizers Jason Ryan and Toni Ross were our cordial and gracious hosts. I was indeed touched when, on the final evening, each guest received a bag of goodies. Mine included a rock with the scripture verse painted on it “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37. That is indeed a most fitting encouragement for the independent film maker!

Another wonderful encouragement was the win for our film, Alien Anthropologists for Best Comedy. Thank you Jason and Toni for your kindness, your encouragement and your hard work in making this year’s Jerome Indie Film Festival such a rewarding and enjoyable experience!!

The view from the Cellar 433 Tasting Room – Jerome, Arizona – September 30, 2018

The above photograph was taken by Chris Ridder through the picture window of the Cellar 433 Tasting Room where co-producer Chris and I enjoyed a glass a local vintage full bodied red wine just before the commencement of the awards ceremony.

We were indeed gratified when Alien Anthropologists was announced the winner in our category as “Best Comedy.”

Receiving the Award for Alien Anthropologists – September 30, 2018.

L to R: Jason Ryan – Festival co-director; Christopher Ridder, co-producer, Alien Anthropologists; Robert Kirk – writer/director; Toni Ross – Festival Director.

Mitch Ridder, who worked on the film both behind (Sound) and in front of the Camera (Cowboy) is a superb photographer and artist having exhibited in the Laguna Festival of Arts for the past 15 years. Here are a few of Mitch’s photos made during our stay in Jerome.

Yours truly, Robert Kirk

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