We Are Americans

I was very gratified when Lloyd Marcus, prolific song writer and commentator asked me to produce a music video for his wonderful and patriotic song “We are Americans”

Commentators have stated that Lloyd Marcus, a prolific writer, singer and songwriter, is the Tea Party Movement’s most prominent “African-American.” Lloyd rejects hyphenating and is renowned for proclaiming “I am NOT African-American! I am Lloyd Marcus AMERICAN!!”

Lloyd’s love of America, that “unique experiment … blessed by God” is expressed with deep compassion and stirring emotion in the words and verse to his song, “We Are Americans.” I was indeed honored when Lloyd asked that we produce a video to accompany the words and music to “We Are Americans.” Given the emotional force of the words and the music, the work of melding visual images in support of his most excellent and wonderful song was not a chore but rather an extreme joy and a pleasure!

I invite you to view the four minute music video of “We Are Americans” and reflect on the one Country that has been a Blessing, not only to our people, but to people everywhere. May we indeed “repent”, turn back to God and “heal our land” so that this “unique experiment” known as America will continue to prosper and shed light and liberty and freedom throughout the Earth now and in the future.

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