Big Win for Alien Anthropologists at the 51st Annual Worldfest-Houston

I’m embarrassed to admit it. I was born and raised (and continue to live) in the California nanny state. However, unlike many of my fellow Californians (at least those who occupy positions in State Government!) I suffer from a rare malady that only afflicts a tiny percentage of my fellow Nanny staters – to wit: common sense conservative thought exacerbated by a persistent bout of love of country.

I have a background in government service from which I am honorably retired. Lately I’ve endeavored to enter the fray into the culture war by writing Alien Anthropologists. My Sci-Fi/Political Farce takes place in a future Untied Socialist States of America Circa 2022. The focus is on Alien Supervisor and his protégé Zeno. Scientist from another world, they have been sent to planet earth to observe the imminent self-destruction of humanity and are assigned to the center of evil on the planet, Washington D.C. Think Saturday Night Live (but from a decidedly conservative perspective) does Mr. Smith Goes to Washington … with space aliens. I’ve renamed the FBI the Federal Investigation Bureau (the “FIB” for short) the Director of which is named Lester Homey – rhymes with “Comey.”

An episode from my full-length movie has been produced and submitted to film festivals throughout the planet in an effort to generate interest in the feature length treatment of my story.

No, the Hollywood entertainment cabal would never produce my film. It’s entirely politically incorrect. If Hollywood got ahold of if they would gut the conservative message substituting in its place something along the lines of transgendered space aliens coming to earth to save us from the disaster of excessive carbon foot prints and anthropogenic climate change.

I have to admit, my low brow hate filled little screed has not been well received at film festivals in bastions of enlightenment and free thinking on the planet like Hollywood and that other center of openness and free thinking, Washington D.C.

However, I was highly honored and deeply gratified that our film received the “Special Jury Award” at one of the largest, most respected and longest running film festivals on the planet – the 51st Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. My co-producer, Christopher Ridder and I received their top award at their Gala Awards Dinner in the grand ballroom of the WestChase Marriott in Houston, Texas on April 28, 2018.

Apparently there are sufficient numbers of low brow knuckle-dragging fools like me living in and around Houston to appreciate conservative humor and commentary as they bestowed on our film their top most (A+ score) award. In all fairness to WorldFest, their jury was an international one made up of a diverse group of individuals all with film making experience, and all I assume, (based on our award), possessed of common sense, intelligence and the capability of syllogistic reasoning – qualities not common in our Elite Overseers be it in the entertainment industry or in government.

You can view a (less than four minute) trailer for Alien Anthropologists here.

If you would like to follow my movie, please visit the Alien Anthropologists website. It contains more information about our movie and has a tab for joining our newsletter.

Why did I write this irreverent little comedy? Because, like you, I am righteously angry at the level of corruption in our entrenched Federal Bureaucracies and the breakdown of the equal and fair application of law. But being a believer in the power of positive thinking I determined to channel my frustration to humor and love. And so I refused to write a tragedy. Alien Anthropologists is a romantic comedy about an Alien who becomes human and in the process saves humanity from itself.

If I can generate enough interest to fund the full-length movie, the intention is to go into production in late 2019 with a release in 2020 just before the next Presidential election.

The premise is similar to Dinesh D’Souza’ film, 2016 Hillary’s America but in a fictional narrative setting. If you recall D’Souza’ film, 2016 Hillary’s America presented a hypothetical future America assuming the Hitlerian Hag in the Pantsuit had been elected president. As such, it was a stark warning to voters in the 2016 election should they make the wrong choice in that coming election.

Similarly, Alien Anthropologists takes place in a future America circa 2022 that is further along the dystopian road to ruin after the defeat of the Republican nominee for President in 2020.

I’m waiting to write the final two characters (the President & the First Lady) into my script when we find out who the democrat nominee is for President.

No matter who their nominee is, it will not take a creative genius to come up with outrageous satire given the candidate material the Democrats have to work with.

If I’m not able to fund this, at the very least I feel confident that I will enjoy lifetime IRS audits and an extended stay in the Bowie Bergdahl Detention and Re-Education Camp in recognition of my superlative efforts in pissing off the deep state. I may want to consult with Dinesh to see how pulling the tiger’s tail worked out for him!

A contributor to American Thinker, Lloyd Marcus, who describes himself as a “Black, conservative Christian” commented (c.f., Lloyd Marcus, The Mistake of Pandering to Antifa and Black Lives Matter, American Thinker, September 16, 2017) regarding reactions to his politically incorrect views, “Leftists will verbally beat the crap out of me on social media.” [emphasis mine]. My movie, through the actions of Zeno, turns the tables on the left and allows the viewer the enjoyment, in this fictional setting, of seeing Zeno beat the mental and emotional crap out of our Washington Establishment Elites and on issues that ring with the common sense and truth too long suppressed by our media & political Overseers. That’s not just entertainment. That’s some much needed psychological therapy for the abused and unwashed American masses.

Of course, my story is a Comedy in that everyone “lives happy every after.” Given the cultural rot and the fractured nature of our society we can only hope and pray that things will in fact turn out “happily ever after” for The Old Republic. If the left has taught us anything of value, it is that much can be accomplished by standing together in a common cause. The left nearly always stands together but the right rarely so. I suspect much of our timidity is owing to the left’s complete control of the media voices of our culture that intimidate contrary opinions instilling fear to an extent that stifles freedom of speech.

Never before in my life have I seen our Country more fractured and divided along cultural and political lines. We must have the courage (unlike many in our Elite Political Establishment) to stand together on truth and on the principles that made our Country great.

Hollywood will never produce this movie. Our fellow deplorables may. If you think the project has merit please follow and support us.

Receiving the “Special Jury Remi Award” for “Alien Anthropologists” – April 28, 2018 at the 51st Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. Left to Right: Christopher Ridder (co-producer) Hunter Todd (Festival Founder & Director) Robert Kirk (Writer/Director)

Robert Kirk, a retired Prosecutor, suffers from a rare malady that only afflicts a tiny percentage of his fellow Californians – common sense conservative thought. To contact or to follow his current politically incorrect project go to:

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