Trump Must go on Offense Now

Step One: Fire Rosenstein, Wray & McCabe

Yes, we all have noted the pervasive government corruption, particularly at the Justice Department and the FBI. Many of the comments I received from readers about this issue reflect a sense of despair or even surrender.

But the right person of courage at the right time can rectify the situation and bring a measure of accountability back to our seminal government institutions.

There is such a person of courage currently at the helm who has the power to make meaningful change for the better and now. A recent decision is a harbinger of hope for a like degree of courage on the important issue of restoring Justice and the FBI to institutions of integrity.

This past Wednesday Donald Trump showed unique courage in opposing decades of State Department obduracy by recognizing the reality of Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel.

Donald Trump gave a Hanukah present to Israel by standing on the truth on that issue.

Likewise, Donald Trump needs to give a Christmas present to the Old Republic in fulfilling another important campaign promise by bringing truth and accountability back to key institutions of our Federal Government.

He can do this by starting at the Justice Department and the FBI. These organizations can be reformed but only if they have honest leaders. And there is a way forward – action that President Trump can take now to rectify the situation. The proposed solution in a moment but first a brief review of the predicament we are in regarding Justice.

Because Sessions has abdicated his duties as Attorney General, the one person who currently controls whether “Justice” will be done at the Justice Department is Session’s Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein. As we know, it was he who appointed his friend Mueller to head up the sham Trump/Russia collusion investigation after Sessions recused himself from the decision making process.

In a recent television interview on a local DC TV Station, Rosenstein expressed himself well “satisfied” with the Mueller investigation of Trump and associates. Of course he would be satisfied since Mueller and he are friends and both were involved in covering up the underlying Uranium One investigation by giving a sweet deal to a Russian named Vadim Mirkerin in order to shield Hillary’s run for president.

As long as Rosenstein is in charge at Justice there will be no Justice - no honest and fair investigation of multiple acts of criminality plaguing the Republic because of his personal and political relationships with many of those involved in the very conduct he is duty bound to prosecute.

In my former career as a prosecutor I had a lot of experience fighting battles both inside the courtroom (legal) and inside my own office (political). As such, I have some expertise when it comes to legal and political warfare. In the early part of my career as a young prosecutor I was already in trouble with the powers that be in the DAs office. I remember my supervisor stopping by my office during the lunch hour to pay a visit after a particularly hard fought battle where I had stubbornly stood on the truth rather than cave to politics. My supervisor noticed that I was doing some apparent recreational reading as I was absorbed in a little book, undoubtedly, from his point of view, as a way to unwind from the stress of the job. “What’s that little book with the cute little dragons on it you’re reading?” He sarcastically asked. “The Art of War by Sun Tzu” I tartly replied. “Oooh!” came the shocked response.

There is a reason why the Chinese invented chess. They know the importance of looking ahead. In planning for war and in looking ahead it’s vital to be scrupulously honest both about yourself and about your opponent. Apparently Trump’s own lawyers (Ty Cobb, et al) advise him that everything will be just fine – that Mueller is just a dedicated honest public servant who will wrap things up by Christmas with a nice red ribbon exonerating Trump of any wrong doing. Whatever Trump is paying these fools, (given what high profile Washington lawyers charge), I assume it’s inversely proportional to the Trump lawyer team’s collective IQ.

No. Trump needs to go on the offensive and quick. If he waits this out, his chances will not be better next year after the mid-terms. By then his presidency will have died from a thousand progressive Mueller cuts.

Some believe going on offense now would undercut the Trump “strategy”, which is to “give ‘em rope to hand themselves.” The idea is that Trump is really playing some form of 4D Chess by sitting back and allowing events to take their natural course. Robert Arvay, writing in American Thinker expresses alarm about the recent course of events where Jeff Sessions is “uncharacteristically timid in the face of obvious corrupt practices in both the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” Avery likens the possibility that Sessions really is, behind the scenes “… building an airtight case … to successfully prosecute Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch [and] Hillary Clinton [et al]” as equally sound with the idea of his purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge.

No. Trump is not in charge at Justice or the FBI. His enemies are. The president can solve the problem now and he needs to do so quickly. AS a first step Trump needs to fire Rod Rosenstein.

He should also fire two other deep state creatures, Andrew McCabe and Christopher Wray. Andrew McCabe was the one whose wife received several hundred thousand dollars from Clinton apparatchik Terry Mcauliffe for her failed 2015 Virginia Senate bid. It was McCabe who thereafter took the unprecedented step of giving a “special status” to the Hillary Clinton email investigation so that Agents would only report to him and a select few higher ups. This during the time that Comey, with the aid of another FBI Agent named Strzok, was working on that creative writing project, also known as the “Hillary exoneration memo”, drafted months before Hillary and the other key witnesses were even interviewed in the so called FBI “matter.”

I know. Many commentators, though acknowledging that Trump has the authority to do so, caution that the politics would be too explosive should he actually take the step of firing such highly placed (though dishonest) persons from Justice and the FBI. The fear is that immediately the opposition will liken the action to Nixon’s Saturday night massacre.

But Trump will always be excoriated by deep state interests for any action which threatens to expose them and make them pay for their corrupt ways. The question is, are things really going to get better for Trump by waiting to go on offense? Do we honestly think that Sessions, behind the scenes, is in reality, like a “ferocious bulldog” investigating and weeding out corruption and criminality that his lieutenants have a motive to cover up?

Assume, hypothetically, that Trump takes action now and fires Rosenstein, McCabe and Wray.

What’s the next step if he fires these three? The senate has to confirm his honest and good replacements. That requires a simple majority. If it’s a 50/50 tie, the VP (Pence) casts the tie breaker.

Yes, I know. It used to be that deference was given to a president’s nominees. No so anymore – perhaps not even within his own (corrupted) party. Trump has more than 50 senators of his same political party. Does he have 50 republicans who will confirm his appointments? Good question. Brought to mind is the recent failure to garner the necessary votes even for a simple repeal of Obamacare.

But let’s play this out. Who would the nominees be?

For the FBI positions, how about two Sheriffs, one named Arpaio and the other Clark?

For Justice? I know I’m dreaming. He’s not giving up a lucrative talk show for the Bork treatment on steroids, but how about Mark Levin? Even if we get real, there is someone out there who has Levin’s honesty, talent and ability and who would accept the nomination to replace Rosenstein. That person, whoever it is, is destined to eventually be the next Attorney General.

But in the meantime they will appoint a special counsel who will truly look into the many criminal matters plaguing our Republic and sapping the public’s trust in government. It will be up to that person, Rosensten’s replacement, to evaluate whether we need two special counsels or whether Mueller is so hopelessly conflicted that he needs to be removed from his current job as a full time employment agency for Hillary Clinton campaign donors.

And you ask: What if it bottlenecks in the Senate and Trumps nominees cannot be confirmed? How horrible that would be. Why the Justice Department and the FBI would be reduced to mindless leaderless bureaucratic sinkholes! And that’s different from how things are currently run at those agencies?

Even in the worst case scenario it’s an improvement because three of the dishonest and corrupt will have been removed from leadership position, and, as an added bonus, going into the mid-terms the American people get to witness the relentless, dishonest attacks of the deep state sociopaths against three honest and good Americans who love their Country and the Rule of Law.

Going into the mid-terms, such a spectacular show would generate patriotic fireworks that inure to the benefit, not of the corrupt deep state inquisitors of those three Patriotic Americans, but to another Patriotic American, President Trump.

Why not go straight after Mueller? Mueller should be removed for his egregious conflicts. A serious effort is current under way in that regard. But there must be someone honest at Justice to name another special counsel. In any event, I think we all agree that Mueller’s mission to ferret out Russian collusion is a noble one. He just needs a little help in focusing the inquiry on things pertaining to Uranium, a particular email server and a certain Dossier.

If Trump exhibits the same courage on this as he did with the Jerusalem issue, soon Mueller will have some much needed investigatory assistance. And then all the Grand Jury findings can be weighted and considered and the People will justly decide who is wanting.

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