Director's Statement

Thank you for your interest in Alien Anthropologists.  Many moons ago I obtained a fine arts undergraduate degree in Motion Pictures/Television.   Following graduation my career path took a turn into an entirely unrelated field from which I am honorably retired.  I am indeed grateful for friends and former colleagues who continued with their careers, over the intervening years, in film and television.  This project could not have been brought to this stage without their invaluable expertise and assistance.

Alien Anthropologists takes place in the not too distant future that is yet further along the dystopian path to destruction.  As described in the opening titles, “After a brief respite from tyranny, the Old Republic is again under the thumb of the Elites.”

I am, like many of my fellow Americans, deeply concerned and stressed by the seemingly inexorable and steady decay of the culture, the traditions and the mediating institutions of our society.  It seems that the Old Republic is indeed in its last days.  Neither political party is responsive to the will of the people.  Yes, a rather stark opening coming from the author of this Romantic Comedy entitled Alien Anthropologists. 

Why did I choose to write a comedy rather than a tragedy?  My natural inclination is to channel the negative to the positive.  I’m a firm believer in the power of positive thinking.   I prefer to translate negative emotion into humor and love.  The hero, Jack Wilson (newly elected to the Senate) represents a hope and desire that our leaders possess the character of their convictions and a determination to sacrifice in service of the truth. As Jack states it, his goal is “…  to represent the interests of my constituents – making government more reflective of the will of the people – truly making things more transparent.”  

Like Jack’s love interest Laura, we have seen it all before.  The naïve newly elected come to Washington with high hopes but that “idealism” meets “reality.”  Either Jack will become the swamp or the swamp will drown him.  Surely an honest man cannot prevail in this wicked town -Washington DC.   Humor and healing is vital for personal health and that is essential in these contentious times when we seem ever more fractured as a society both politically and racially. 


My movie, through the actions of Zeno, turns the tables on our Political overseers and allows the viewer the enjoyment, in this fictional setting, of seeing Zeno beat the mental and emotional crap out of our Washington Establishment Elites. That’s not just entertainment.  That’s some much needed psychological therapy for the abused and unwashed American masses.    

Of course, my story is a Comedy in that everyone “lives happy every after.”  Given the cultural rot and the fractured nature of our society we can only hope and pray that things will in fact turn out “happily ever after” for ‘The Old Republic.’


 And so I choose to turn despair into hope.  I refuse to write a tragedy.   Alien Anthropologists is a story about an Alien who, against his alien will, falls in love, becomes human and thus saves humanity from itself. 


Robert Kirk

Writer/Director – Alien Anthropologists

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