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The ‘Unwashed’ Enjoy ‘Justice’ in A Mythical World in a Darkened Movie Theater

Since my last post, Alien Anthropologists has garnered top awards at the Oz International Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia for “Best Sci-Fi Short” in November and at the 3rd Annual Near Nazareth Film Festival, Afula, Israel for “Best Sci-Fi” film in December. I was thoroughly outraged by the Stalinesque raid on Roger Stone’s home by about two dozen armor-clad FBI agents. What a relief Trump fired Sessions and put Whitaker in charger so that Justice & the FBI could continue to adhere to the Stasi procedure manual for the arrest of non-violent political dissidents to wit: pre-dawn raid with assault rifles and the People’s News Network in tow! I had high hopes when I first laid eyes on W

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