Alien Anthropologists is a romantic comedy/political farce set in America in the near future.

Frustrated with government corruption and the breakdown of the rule of law but being a believer in the power of positive thinking, I turned my frustration to humor and love by writing the feature length screenplay for Alien Anthropologists, a Romantic Comedy/Political farce. 


In my story, aliens from another world have been assigned to the center of evil on the planet, Washington D.C.  Objective observers, they are forbidden to use their special powers in aid of humanity least “… this pestilence known as humankind spread into the rest of the Universe.”  


An award winning Episode from Alien Anthropologists was produced to promote interest in the feature length treatment of my story.  If you have an interest in participation or would like to learn more, please do contact us through the contact link on this website.

Thank you for your interest in Alien Anthropologists.


Yours truly,

Robert Kirk





Lead In

The United Socialist States of America – sometime in the near future.  After a brief respite from tyranny, the old republic is again under the thumb of the elites.

Aliens have been on planet earth for decades. Scientists from a distant world, here only to observe the imminent self-destruction of humanity.


Jack Wilson, a rare anomaly, an honest Senator, has been sent to the swamp known as Washington D.C.  There is no way he will survive – no way, unless an alien visitor were to violate the primary command.




“Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”  

Mark Twain

Robert Kirk graduated from UCLA with a Fine Arts Degree in Motion Pictures/Television. Following graduation, after a few years in the film making school of hard knocks, he obtained a law degree after which he worked a full career in government service from which he is honorably retired. 


Fed up with the corruption in the seminal institutions of our Federal Government, but a believer in the power of positive thinking, Robert turned his frustration to humor and love by writing a Romantic Comedy. 


In an era of increasing frustration over government corruption, Alien Anthropologists is a cathartic release for the beleaguered masses as alien visitor Zeno turns the tables on our Washington Establishment Elites on issues that ring with the common sense and truth too long suppressed by our Elite Overseers. 



Every person involved in the making of the film, Alien Anthropologists has been a true professional and a delight to have on board.

Robert Kirk

My thanks to all involved in this project. From start to finish, I could not have asked for a better cast or crew. This film could not have been made without you and for that I am forever grateful for your participation.  Special thanks go out to those behind the scenes but who nonetheless contributed greatly to the successful filming of Alien Anthropologists. Loretta Falkner, Kimm Kent, Ronda Fiello, Elaine Bartolome, Amy Cox, Scott Whittle, Terry Tegnazian and Heine Monteleone, a big thanks to you all as well as our fabulous cast & crew

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