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In 2017 I wrote a full length screenplay entitled Alien Anthropologists and, in that same year (2017) produced a 25 minute Episode based on my full length screenplay.  My movie and the Episode based on it takes place in a future dystopian America. As stated in the opening title sequence to Episode III filmed in 2017:

After a brief respite from Tyranny the Old Republic is again under the thumb of the the United Socialist States of America 2022

In my film Alien visitors (from outer space-not from across the border) are sent to Planet Earth to observe the imminent self-destruction of humanity and are assigned to the center of evil on Planet Earth-Washington D.C.  According to their "primary command"  they may not use their special powers in aid of humanity and thus "risk" as Alien Supervisor explains, "the spread of the pestilence known as humankind into the rest of the Universe!"

The hero of my story, Jack Wilson, an Afghanistan war veteran, defeats an establishment Rhino Republican and goes to Washington with the optimistic view, like the Mr. Smith before him, that he will clean out the swamp.  After Wilson uncovers deep state corruption with the intent of exposing it he is arrested on false charges by agents of the "FIB" - Federal Investigation Bureau.

In the denouncement of my feature length screenplay, Jack Wilson and with him, the hope of humanity, seem doomed to destruction only to be rescued, at the last possible moment in the surprise twist ending melding flawed humanity with the supernatural.  Can those who rule over us fall any deeper into the depths of human weakness and depravity and the soul of America still endure as a place of freedom and opportunity?  Indeed it seems that only a supernatural miracle will save the Old Republic.

My hope, my prayer and my inspiration is that God's favor will not depart our dear country.  That we will renew His former blessings through the light of truth empowered by courageous patriotic Americans like Jack Wilson restoring our once great nation to "that shining city upon a hill" -a place of Liberty, Truth and Justice for all.

Yours very truly,

Robert Kirk

Author-Alien Anthropologists


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